SSO & SCIM on PipeBio

PipeBio bioinformatics cloud supports SSO and SCIM for enterprise-tier customers

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August 12, 2022
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An illustration of a subset of SSO and SCIM providers including Google, DUO, Cloudflare, Azure, Microsoft and Okta that are compatible with PipeBio bioinformatics cloud

What is SSO?

SSO (Single Sign-On) is a service that your organization uses to manage employee user access to external software apps and accounts through a unified interface. SSO makes signing into external apps simple for the end user and makes managing employee access easy for the organization. Access control is especially important in drug discovery where compliance around data integrity and security is crucial.

PipeBio not only supports SSO, but also the SCIM (System for Cross Identity Management) protocol and directory sync. We have simple integration workflows and documentation for easy set up of both SSO and directory sync.

☁️ Which SSO providers does PipeBio support?

Our PipeBio bioinformatics cloud has for some time now supported SSO with the most popular SSO providers. These include Okta, Google, Azure, ADFS, and more. For a detailed list of providers, please see the image below.

SSO providers supported on PipeBio
SSO providers supported on PipeBio

🔄 Does PipeBio support SCIM and directory sync?

In case you missed it: Yes we do. For the aficionados, in addition to SSO, we’ve implemented SCIM and directory sync for convenience. This makes setup easy for your organization.

Directory providers supported on PipeBio
Directory providers supported on PipeBio

📱🔑 Does PipeBio support 2FA?

Yes we do. And we tend to spread the good word about enabling it. (P.S. That is two-factor authentication for those who dislike acronyms)

What are the benefits of SSO?

✅ Central system for access management

The nature of the data in drug discovery highlights the importance of compliance around data security and access. With SSO, your organization is able to easily grant and revoke employee access to services such as PipeBio, Benchling and other services through a single admin panel. IT admins can require 2FA or MFA and set password requirements for users, which is crucial for growing teams and security compliance.

✅ Secure password storage

With SSO, passwords are not stored in external services, but credentials are instead managed within your organization.

✅ Easy access and password management

In addition to the ease of access enabled by SSO, only having to manage one password makes it easier to make sure that this password is strong and secure.

✅ Easy password recovery

SSO eliminates the need to waste time on recovering passwords from different services

🔒 Is SSO secure?

SSO is often a more secure option for organizations as it enables easy access control – one of the cornerstones of cybersecurity – and setting minimum requirements for sign on authentication. For SSO logins, it is always recommended to make this single point of access as robust as possible by adding layers of security with 2FA or MFA (multi-factor authentication), which is mostly an internal requirement.

To sum it up, setting up SSO with PipeBio is not only possible, but also extremely simple and fast. Use SSO to securely manage access and connect users to the PipeBio bioinformatics cloud.


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Setting up SSO and SCIM on PipeBio is effortless

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