Automate your discovery workflows

Use PipeBio's end-to-end pipelines to get from a repertoire to hit picked antibodies

Illustration of a Sanger sequencing end-to-end bioinformatics analysis workflow of Sanger sequenced VHH sequences including detection of mixed clones, annotation, clustering and sequence alignment

Configure workflows and automate by API

Combine different analysis tools and create custom workflows on PipeBio

Configuring workflows

  • PipeBio's workflow editor can be used to configure custom workflows
  • Customize individual tools and parameters for extracting desired sequences
  • Automatically create custom standard reports for a quick overview of your analysis results
Workflow editor and yaml file for creating custom bioinformatics analysis workflows on PipeBio

REST API for integration and automation

  • Use the API to programmatically upload and export sequences and manage users
  • Integrate PipeBio with your IT infrastructure, such as ELN (e.g. Benchling), LIMS or lab instruments
  • Use developed Docker containers in our managed platform to support even more of your internal workflows or proprietary algorithms
  • Engage with our professional services team who can help with custom developments or specific integrations if they are not already supported “out of the box”.
Illustration of a PipeBio logo in the center with lines drawn to external ELNs and sequencers representing integration possibilities with PipeBio