Hit pick antibodies

Use PipeBio's tools to find the most diverse sequences in your sample and hit-pick to express in vector and characterize your antibody sequences

Image showing phylogenetic tree on PipeBio with labels for sequence diversity, V gene and a data table with ELISA binding values

Identifying diverse antibody sequences, hit pick antibodies with good developability, less liabilities

Visualization and hit picking antibodies with functional assay data such as ELISA and FACS, SPR

Hit pick visually, based on diversity or apply powerful filters to find the best candidate sequences

  • Use PipeBio's diversity selection tool to extract the most diverse set of sequences
  • Define the clonotype based on different regions, such as CDRs, FRs or heavy and light chains (VH/VL)
  • Use functional data to overlay with antibody sequences to hit pick optimal candidates in your experiments
Table view of ELISA values highlighted with a conditional color scheme, amino acid barcharts of the CDR-H3 region and diversity scores for the antibody heavy chain sequences in the sample