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Our platform

The PipeBio platform integrates powerful bioinformatics tools to identify better antibodies and therapeutic peptides, faster.

The integrated bioinformatics platform for large molecule and peptide discovery

PipeBio is an integrated cloud-based platform for biologics discovery that allows wet lab scientists to easily analyze antibody and peptide sequences with functional assay data and bioinformaticians to deploy their own code and run workflows. 

Use PipeBio to configure standard analysis workflows and create SOPs with the range bioinformatics tools on PipeBio for

  • Antibody sequence analysis and discovery
  • Antibody engineering
  • Short peptide discovery
  • NGS, Sanger, PacBio and single cell sequence analysis
User interface of PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud Platform with phylogenetic tree, functional assay data and antibody sequences


Image with lines of code for configuring custom workflows on PipeBio

Combine tools on PipeBio into single-click end-to-end workflows

  • Choose your parameters and run analysis pipelines with a few clicks
  • Ensure that your standard analysis pipelines remain consistent
  • All tools on the PipeBio platform can be combined combined into standard workflows
  • Get a hit-list of antibody candidates and standardized output reports


An illustration of a subset of SSO and SCIM providers including Google, DUO, Cloudflare, Azure, Microsoft and Okta that are compatible with PipeBio bioinformatics cloud

ISO27001 compliant secure cloud platform

We take security seriously and have implemented processes around cybersecurity, application security, business continuity and continuously monitor threats.

  • Business continuity protocols and processes
  • Security protocols, regular penetration testing, realtime threat monitoring
  • Data backups and restoration
  • Support for 2FA
  • Support for SSO and SCIM

Integration and API

Illustration of a PipeBio logo in the center with lines drawn to external ELNs and sequencers representing integration possibilities with PipeBio

Integrate PipeBio with ELN, LIMS, internal tools and automate workflows

  • Connect the PipeBio platform to your own IT infrastructure such as ELN/LIMS and instruments
  • Make use of already developed Docker containers in our managed platform to support even more of your internal workflows or proprietary algorithms
  • Discuss with our professional services team for custom development or specific integrations