Antibody engineering

Use built-in tools to optimize your antibody sequences based on protein properties and identified liabilities

Image showing hydrophobic regions in antibody IgG heavy chain sequences and protein property calculation dialogue on PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud

Faster workflows for Sanger, codon optimization and gene synthesis

Edit your sequences, insert into expression vectors, optimize codons to synthesize the right amount of sequences

Identify optimal antibodies based on molecular properties and sequences

  • Calculate molecular mass, charge, isoelectric points, extinction coefficients and more properties of you sequences
  • Optimize codons to synthesize the needed amount of antibody sequences
  • Identify hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions in your protein sequences
Table view and phylogenetic tree with protein properties such as charge, isoelectric point, aliphatic index, molecular weight and extinction coefficient on PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud Platform

Codon optimization, sequence editing

  • In-line editing of Sanger sequences allows you to edit nucleotide bases or amino acids
  • Codon optimization for generating the right amount of synthesized antibody sequences
  • Insert your sequences into expression vectors for expression
Bulk restriction cloning tool showing insertion of a sequence into vector and Sanger sequences analyzed for antibody engineering on PipeBio

Compare with sequences from database

  • Query and compare hit picked sequences from previous experiments
  • Find matches among patented sequences or therapeutic antibodies in clinical trials
BLAST search query results on PipeBio