About PipeBio

The Biologics Discovery Platform, the people and the vision driving us

Our company

Members of the PipeBio team on joint photograph

Who we are

We are a team of hard-working biologists and developers who are incredibly excited about the positive impact that biologics can have for afflicted people around the world.

Our customers are working on some of the most difficult and intractable problems in biology that can have a direct positive impact on human health and the society. We are proud to support all of our customers in their research and development efforts for better therapeutics.

What we do

Our core aim is to provide a single platform that enables scientists to discover better drugs, faster.

We are rapidly developing new, more accurate and easy-to-use tools and infrastructure for both research scientists and bioinformaticians.

PipeBio cofounders working on developing the PipeBio bioinformatics cloud platform

We believe that insights from empirical studies combined with advances in computational and statistical models will lead to major breakthroughs and improve the standard of living of many people around the world.

To that end, we are developing tools, algorithms and sequence data management infrastructure that are crucial for today’s sequence processing needs.

PipeBio team discussing with conference attendees at PipeBio booth

Our customers

We work with researchers ranging from academia, small-mid size biotherapeutics companies to big pharma. We're thrilled about the diverse set of researchers and bioinformaticians who find value in our platform.

Our platform features configurable sequence & assay-data databases to structure data for machine learning and AI applications.

Our strong analytical engine for large NGS datasets, REST API and intuitive tools for visualization are the foundations that form the integrated PipeBio bioinformatics platform.

Behind all of this is of course the heart of the company, our ambitious and untiring team, working with our customers and to develop the PipeBio platform to enable development of the therapeutics of tomorrow.