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Three screenshot of a cluster diagram, an amino acid bar chart and a radial phylogenetic tree cladogram of antibody sequences on PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud Platform

From repertoire to hit-list

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Automated workflows

Our platform

User interface of PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud Platform with phylogenetic tree, functional assay data and antibody sequences

For Scientists and Bioinformaticians

Our platform combines all essential bioinformatics tools to analyze antibody sequences with associated metadata, including annotation with reference germline, clustering and clonotyping, sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis.

From repertoire to hit list

Automate workflows to identify candidate sequences from large-scale NGS antibody repertoires, hybridomas, find enriched clonotypes from biopanning experiments or identify liabilities and assess developability of individual Sanger-sequenced clones.

Illustration of antibody discovery workflow from animal immunization, bioinformatic analysis on PipeBio bioinformatics cloud to phylogenetic analysis of antibody families
Sequence database on PipeBio showing sequences of FDA approved therapeutic antibodies, INN and sequence source

Sequence database and storage

Store your antibody sequences in a central repository, associate metadata, such as target specificity, binding affinity, and compare sequences from new experiments with sequences found in your database.

Automated workflows and integration

Configure end-to-end workflows on PipeBio, integrate with your ELN, LIMS, internal tools and build entire automated pipelines with our REST API.

Use PipeBio to analyze high-throughput data fast and reliably


Run customized analysis pipelines with a few clicks on PipeBio

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