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Isogenica announces deployment of the PipeBio Bioinformatic Cloud

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September 9, 2021
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SEP 9, 2021

Isogenica announced the deployment of PipeBio’s bioinformatic cloud to accelerate their drug discovery efforts in the field of therapeutic antibodies. 

Simon Cooper (Senior Scientist II, Isogenica) said:

For Isogenica one of the great strengths of the PipeBio platform is the ease with which we can rapidly characterise our synthetic antibody libraries, as well as associate functional data to deep sequencing data from selection outputs.
The PipeBio platform allows us to truly leverage the power of our synthetic antibody library platform, NGS and rigorous biophysical analysis to produce developable lead candidates, faster.

Further Information

Isogenica’s LlamdA®(single domain VHH) library is entirely synthetic, providing a key advantage that VHH are generated to specific epitopes which are difficult to target using conventional immunisation methods. Leveraging its CIS Display and Colibra™ technologies to accelerate the discovery and development process, therapeutic antibodies are delivered that meet the highest standards of quality and developability.

Isogenica has the in-house capability and expertise to efficiently undertake and manage all discovery & development activities from programme start to development. In collaboration with biopharmaceutical partners over the last decade, Isogenica has developed a deep pipeline including two clinical assets (currently in Phase I and II respectively) and numerous partnered discovery and pre-clinical stage programs.

About PipeBio

PipeBio is a cloud-based bioinformatics suite currently experiencing rapid growth throughout Europe and the Americas. Teams in pharma, biotechs and academia use PipeBio to rapidly characterise and develop better lead candidates, faster. The strength of PipeBio is its unique ability to make structured sequence and assay data easily accessible to scientists, bioinformaticians and managers, combined with an ever growing suite of powerful analysis tools.

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