We offer flexible pricing plans for different tiers. Contact us for more information or see FAQ below.

Ask about our startup discounts

  • We want to help you to grow your business and would love to hear from you and accommodate your budget to the extent that is possible.
  • Please apply on the page below and we will get back in touch about startup discounts.


What is our pricing model?

  • The PipeBio platform is software as a service, with an annual subscription fee.
  • For consulting and custom development projects we have flexible terms, but we typically charge a one-off fee.
  • We offer a free trial to test the software out. To learn more, please contact us.

How many people can use it? Is there a site license?

  • You can easily add additional team members to your organization.
  • Professional plans include 5 named users and we support an unlimited number of users in enterprise plans. We can therefore scale with you as your company grows.
  • Because the software is cloud based anyone on your entire team can access it anywhere, anytime. Simply log in, upload your sequence or assay data and start analyzing!

What support plans do you offer?

  • It’s up to you! Our preference is to work closely with our customers but sometimes you prefer to do you own thing and that’s fine with us.
  • Each customer is assigned a scientific success manager who can help with technical needs, workflow and more.
  • We are very interested in your success and in many cases can work with you to find ways to save time and money. If you’re interested to learn more, please contact us.

I have a very specific workflow. Can I customize PipeBio to support it?

  • Absolutely! The PipeBio platform is highly customizable out of the box and if necessary, we do custom solutions including graphs, pipeline, algorithms for individual customers.
  • Our scaffold editor supports several different sequence-scaffolds, which means that you can detect custom regions and sequence-based liabilities.
  • All of our tools can be joined together in workflows to overcome repetitive tasks and reduce manual tasks to a few clicks.

Can I trial or demo the platform?

  • Of course! We offer a one-month free trial where we have onboarding meetings and in-depth discussions to understand your needs and requirements.
  • During the trial, we will create a private account for your organization only. You'll have unlimited access and can invite multiple users from your organization to join.
  • You can upload NGS and Sanger data and run unlimited analyses or use our public datasets to run analyses.
  • Trial access is available for all tiers.

ELN / LIMS integration

  • We’re used to developing LIMS integrations with Benchling, Dotmatics and other popular platforms.
  • You can also use our documented REST API to integrate with other platforms yourself.
  • In all cases, customization is secured and remains private to your company.

Is your platform secure?

  • We are a ISO27001 compliant company and have implemented several organizational and cybersecurity protocols and procedures for safety.
  • We take security seriously to ensure that our customers' sensitive and proprietary data is protected.
  • Read more about security