NGS data analysis

Merge paired-end Illumina sequencing reads from raw fastq files, collapse UMIs, cluster sequences and analyze enrichment

Chart showing antibody clustering of related antibody clones based on CDRH3 similarity

Scalable and fast NGS analysis software

Analyze antibody libraries and immune repertoires

Tools for data analysis on PipeBio

  • Import Fastq files and preprocess the data by merging paired-end reads
  • Collapse UMIs and use PCR error correction for accurate identification of antibody clones
  • Cluster multiple samples across experiments, identify homologous clonal groups
  • Calculate fold change and enrichment from immunization or biopanning experiments
Antibody biopanning sample overlap, enrichment and fold changes of clonal groups

Analyze large datasets fast

  • Analyze millions of sequences in parallel and obtain results quickly
  • Visualize and explore your data with intuitive charts
Biopanning experiment and cluster analysis of enriched antibodies

Wide support for sequencing platforms

  • Illumina sequencing, including MiSeq, NextSeq, NovaSeq
  • Oxford Nanopore long read sequencing
  • Parse Biosciences Single Cell Sequencing
  • 10x Genomics, Single Cell barcoded sequences
  • PacBio long read sequencing