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We are incredibly excited about the positive impact that Biologics can have for afflicted people around the world. Our customers are working on some of the most horrible and intractable problems in biology and we are proud to support them.

We started out as consultants developing solutions on request for clients but quickly learned that often the needs overlapped. We could save our clients money and time by offering them ready made software that would handle the majority of these needs and on which we could extend to handle unique requirements as necessary.

Our vision is to combine a sequence database, strong analytical engine and easy to use "point and click interface". We believe that insights from empirical studies combined with advances in computational and statistical models will lead to major breakthroughs in the standard of living for many people around the world. To that end we identified key areas that are crucial for today’s sequence processing needs and which we can have an impact on:

  • Configurable sequence & assay-data database to structure data for ML
  • Strong analytical engine for large NGS datasets
  • Open for extension via REST / Docker

These are the foundations from which we have designed Pipe | bio from and are adding new functionality weekly.

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Executive team

Jannick Bendtsen CEO Pipe | bio
Jannick Bendtsen
Jannick holds a MSc in molecular biology and a PhD in bioinformatics from Technical University of Denmark and has an impressive scientific profile with more than 10,000 citations. He has more than 15 years of experience in the commercial bioinformatics industry and has been intrinsically part of decisions about exit strategies which have resulted in 3 company acquisitions over the last 7 years.
Owen Bodley CTO Pipe | bio
Owen Bodley
Owen holds a degree of mechanical engineering from Auckland University and has co-authored several papers. Owen has been highly engaged with the startup scene in Auckland, NZ and has an entrepreneurial attitude as well as years of experience in the commercial software industry.

Accelerate your drug discovery and development

Konrad Krawczyk CEO Natural Antibody

Natural Antibody

Pipe | bio has partnered with Natural Antibody to provide a "single click" search through published patent sequences.

NaturalAntibody has more than 250K highly curated patent sequences. Our Patent Module makes these sequences available in Pipe | bio’s Sequence Store. It’s now possible to securely check whether your company’s datasets have any matching sequences with a single click of the mouse. Of course you can also browse and search these sequences for interesting sequences manually too. For more details, check out our information on Patent Lookup.

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