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We are bioinformatics geeks just like you and we love to dig into the details.

Pipe | bio was founded with a strong focus on customers needs and customer success. Building custom solutions while keeping focus on value creation have led to very happy customers. Our professional services include tailored solutions in bioinformatics and pipeline development. No job is too little or too big.


We have experience integrating Pipe | bio with other softwares common in the industry. Pipe | bio is built as an extensible system and will integrate well with your existing toolset.

Extend Pipe | bio

Take advantage of the platform we have already developed and extend it for your needs. In the case that your team has unique requirements we are well placed to develop a statement of work with you.

Algorithm development

Many of our customers need to process large NGS datasets but lack the tools to do so. Their focus is typically on the biology and we can help them do what they do best by taking care of the computational work and wrapping these tools in an easy to use interface.

Workflow optimisation

As we learn the details our customers needs we are often able to save them time by automating repetitive tasks. This frees up staff to do more exciting advanced work and removes any issues from human error. Additionally as everything is automatied, it is also auditable so there is a record of what happened, when.

Research & development

We have experience working with customers to solve difficult problems which need new ideas and approaches. If you have a "hard problem" you'd like to discuss, we can setup an NDA and then investigate how we can help.

Ease of use

We place an emphasis on making software that is easy to use. Through regular meetings and consultation with end users we seek to identify pain points and remove these to increase efficiency and increase the quality of outcomes.

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