Sequence Editor

Use PipeBio’s advanced sequence editor to edit alignments, sequences and annotations.

Ultra-fast Sequence Viewer

View any sequence

Advanced sequence viewer and table viewer in one to have all data in one place.

  • Sanger, short read NGS, PacBio and more
  • Support for fasta, fastq, genbank, excel, tsv/csv and more

Powerful Sequence Editor

Edit Sequence Alignments

With advanced multi-cursor editing, you can insert, delete and move multiple sequences at the same time.

  • Export to fasta, fastq, genbank, excel, tsv/csv and more
  • Add, edit and remove annotations

Bulk Restriction Cloning

Clone sequence fragments into vectors for downstream expression and testing projects

  • Bulk clone many insert fragments in one simple operation.
  • Identify problematic internal cut sites.
  • Download to excel, genbank or push to the PipeBio Database for future reference.

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