Database & data management

Upload, organize, and store your antibody sequence and assay data in the PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud with project assigned user privileges. Use “projects” for small teams, specific antigens, or as a client repository of data for CRO’s.

“Have I seen these sequences before?”

Add your hit-picked or labelled sequences to the PipeBio Database with a single mouse click so they are accessible by your entire organisation. Query the database when you analyse new sequences to quickly detect if you have ever seen these sequence before and combine annotated sequences and assay-data to train AI/ML models, identify contaminants, label good binders and more.

Document management

Organize documents in projects

  • Organize data in projects.
  • User assigned rights to access the data.
  • Label and describe projects for easy identification.
  • Easy to share with colleagues and collaborators.
Organize your data in projects which can be shared with individual users

Sequence database

The PipeBio Database is a highly scalable and integrated part of PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud, making it possible to automatically detect contaminants, patents, and other labeled sequences as members of your organization are analyzing them. Data is structured making this a valuable resource for machine learning and AI.

Use the database to store all your hit-picked sequences, historical data and much more.
“Have I seen these sequences before?”

Scalable sequence database

Sequence Store

  • Rapidly identify any sequences matching previous results
  • Get answers to advanced queries over hundreds of millions of sequences in seconds.
  • Configurable to IgG, VHH, scFv, short peptide sequences and more.
  • Combine sequences together with assay-data, notes, labels, and other content specific to your workflow.
  • Store your own historical data.
  •  Flag patented sequences
  •  Label known “good” or “bad” clones.

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