The Pipe | bio platform

The bioinformatics cloud for antibody / peptide screening & drug development.

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Pipe | bio’s cloud based bioinformatics sequence analysis tools offer advanced graphical interactive filtering and a powerful computational engine designed for the large volumes of NGS and Sanger datasets common in today’s biologic workflows. The software is flexible to support traditional antibodies and also peptide sequences such as knottins, affibodies and so on.

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Versatile platform for the entire team

User friendly and intuitive software which will take your sequence analysis to the next level. It has a range of tools to make your data analysis even easier. The collections of tools include workflows for:


Sequence quality, identify liabilities & more.

Repertoire and multi-sample analysis

Sift through millions of sequences and easily pick interesting clones to the cart.

Unique sequence repository

Use the store as repository for patent sequences, historical data or public accessible sequences.

It’s extensible

Use our API to develop your own algorithms or connect the Pipe | bio platform to your own IT infrastructure such as ELN/LIMS and instruments. Make use of already developed Docker containers in our managed platform to support even more of your internal workflow or proprietary algorithms. Or engage with our professional services team which can help out.

  • Docker containers
  • Service accounts & personal API tokens
  • REST API with examples & docs
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