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Curated patent database

We have partnered with Natural Antibody to bring you a one-click patent lookup in Pipe | bio. It's now quick and easy to search your company's entire datasets for matching patents. Searches are complete in minutes.

The Patented Antibody Database comprises the antibodies found in patent applications from jurisdictions such as USPTO and EPO. The database currently encompasses ca 136,000 patented antibody sequences from ca 11,000 families linked to Therapeutics on the market and the structures in the PDB. The database is aimed at antibody engineers in industry and academia to help navigate the landscape of the protected antibodies. Contents include:

  • Antibody sequence - we record the original sequence entry, the identified variable region and IMGT-numbered variable region.
  • Target - if the target is reported in the patent application (e.g. vegf), than this information is associated with an antibody sequence.
  • Patent Family - the patent documents the sequence was found in.
  • Patent Metadata - titles, abstracts, applicants, inventors and key dates associated with the patents
  • Structure - structures from the Protein Data Bank that have at least 90% sequence identity to the patented sequence.
  • CST - Clinical Stage Therapeutics that have at least 90% sequence identity to the patented sequence
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