Multi sample comparison

Multi sample comparison

Easily compare datasets each containing tens of millions of sequences. Quickly identify similar sequences, for example in a panning round for enrichment. Alternatively filter to find sequences which are unique to one or more samples and not found in the others.

  • Quickly identify enrichment across panning rounds
  • Find Sanger sequences within larger NGS datasets
  • Identify similar sequence families across tens of NGS samples (e.g. across COVID patients)
  • Compare the entire V-Gene, CDR-H3, and even alternative scaffolds
  • Works with 2 or more samples
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Assay & sequence database

Often companies need to query a database to determine if a new sample contains sequences they've ever seen before. These sequences could be results from past experiments, known "bad" clones or perhaps a list of already patented sequences which are "off limits". Pipe | bio has organization wide databases which can be configured by admins and queried by anyone. The databases support both assay and sequence data and can be queried in near realtime.

  • Rapidly identify any sequences matching previous results
  • Flag patented sequences
  • Label known "good" or "bad" clones.
  • Look up sequences in documents.
  • Compare the entire V-Gene, CDR-H3, and even alternative scaffolds
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