Download Original files from PipeBio

Downloading original files from PipeBio Bioinformatics Cloud by the UI and also REST API is easy. These files are useful for audit purposes.

When data is uploaded to PipeBio, we parse it and display the results to users. Sequence and related data can then be exported in a wide range of common bioinformatic formats, such as abi, Genbank, Fasta, Fastq and more. But what if you want the original, un-parsed file out? Many PipeBio customers require an audit… Continue reading Download Original files from PipeBio

Isogenica-PipeBio Collaboration Press Release

Isogenica announce deployment of the PipeBio Bioinformatic Cloud SEP 9, 2021 Isogenica today announce that they are deploying PipeBio’s bioinformatic cloud to accelerate their drug discovery efforts in the field of therapeutic antibodies.  Simon Cooper (Senior Scientist II, Isogenica) said: For Isogenica one of the great strengths of the PipeBio platform is the ease with which we can rapidly characterise our synthetic… Continue reading Isogenica-PipeBio Collaboration Press Release

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